40mm Live Rounds

  • 40mm non lethal rubber BB round

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    The M1029 consists of an aluminum housing, 40 mm in diameter, 4.8 inches long, that contains a non-lethal payload of 48 each, .48 caliber rubber balls. The payload is projected to the target by the gas-generated from a primer located in the base of the cartridge. The M1029 is loaded into the M203 grenade launcher, mounted on either the M4 carbine or M16 series rifle and is fired like any other 40 mm ammunition item. The M1029 cannot be fired out of the MK19 series machine gun. When this round is fired from the M203 it acts much like a large shotgun shell. The payload spreads out from the barrel to cover an area equal to five standard E-type silhouettes standing side by side at a range of 30 meters. Be aware of possible bounce-back if fired at a wall or hard object within 20 meters of the user.